What nature taught me

Growing up in a small Norwegian town above the Arctic Circle, I developed a close relationship with nature. I was from an early age taught not to fight the extreme elements, but to explore and enjoy the opportunities they represent. 

I learned to appreciate the contrasts of the long dark winter and the constant light of the midnight summer sun. This wisdom has been passed on for generations and is a fundamental inspiration to me. In 2010 I decided to start a journey that became my ultimate challenge. My dream was to create a melting pot of my heritage, the environment I grew up in, and healthy skin; to make something that was not only just another brand in an already crowded market. I wanted to make a difference and inspire people around the world to get a glimpse of the arctic traditions and nature. However, my dream had to turn into more than just a story. It had to be products based on real scientific documentation from world leading scientists on how we can improve skin health; to show how we made arctic evolution to a skin care revolution. After years of uncompromising research, I am proud to say that this dream has come true. More important, it is about to come true because of the people I love and my arctic origin. 

- Geir Håvard Kvalheim -