Arctic Innovation

We take pride in developing products that are different and innovative. Our uncompromising philosophy has led to a range of products that all represent something new to the discerning skin care consumer. 

In order to make extraordinary products we need to work with extraordinary people and Čuvget is a result of the collaboration between world leading scientists and formulators.

Together we have developed a R&D platform based on 7 steps from nature to skin:

  1. Collection of potent arctic species known from folklore
  2. Delicate extraction process to ensure we maintain the bioactive components of the extract
  3. In-vitro (skin cell cultures) studies to identify bioactive mechanisms
  4. Fragmentation of extract to boost efficacy
  5. Testing on living skin equivalents
  6. Formulation developments
  7. Clinical and consumer trials on finished formulations

All these steps represent numerous challenges and thresholds, which imply that less than 1 of 300 extracts will become an active ingredient in one of our skin care products. Our standards are high but it is all in order to serve our consumers with technologies second-to-none.