Arctic Čaga™

Recent scientific studies shows that The Arctic Čaga™ extract reduced the skin cell damage with 80% within an hour. It is easy to understand why the indigenous people have called it the “Mushroom of Immortality” and the “Diamond of the Forest”.

The health benefits and the unique “powers” of Čaga™ have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, positioning Čaga™ as one of the most respected traditional and ancient folk medicines.

Various preparations of Čaga™, including Čaga™ tea, have been used to treat complicated diseases and immune disorders. This is also why modern science has taken an interest into looking more closely at this unique gem and its health benefits. Work is ongoing to see how Čaga™ can be a starting point for new treatments in the fight against various diseases. However, no one until now, have realized the potential of Čaga™ in skin care.

ČUVGET made the first discoveries on the potential benefits of Arctic Čaga on skin during a reseach project many years ago. Our idea was to test 50 of potent plant extracts from the arctic area for their ability to reduce oxidative damage on skin cells. The results from Arctic Čaga was mindblowing for our scientific team. This unique extract reduced the damage with 80% within one hour, which was far better than anything we had ever seen.

Arctic Čaga extract has its origin from a rare species of mushroom growing on the bark of betula genus trees/birch trees in the Northern parts of the world. Being on the outside of the trees the mushroom is exposed to extreme weather and environmental conditions. To defend itself against these conditions it has evolved through time to contain a rich composition of biologically active components that give this mushroom the powers to withstand and survive these conditions. Some of the main components of our extract include polysaccharides, beta-glucans and polyphenols that in cosmetic formulations are designed to utilize the beneficial effects to reduce the signs of aging. But not only that, to help your skin with the daily challenges that we all face, our extract contains a mix of antioxidants that outscore the competition.

Intensive and uncompromising research over many years have enlightened and excited us. It makes us proud that ČUVGET represents an innovative and new paradigm in modern skin care by being the first to utilize the indisputable powers of Arctic Čaga. We are sure it will excite you too.